Starring John Pyle

First Run Reality Weekly Half Hour Barter Series
Targeting young audiences - World Television Premiere!


World famous skateboarder, John Pyle, is the star of "GOOMBY" – a new hybrid reality/scripted television series (think ENTOURAGE meets REVENEGE of THE NERDS)! The show's format - outrageous and wacky – takes the viewer on a 'day in the life' of John Pyle, skateboarder extradinaire, yes, but also a successful entreprenuer as founder/CEO of GOOMBY SKATEBOARDING, one of the largest manufacturers of custom skateboards in the US! "GOOMBY", the series, will be an instant hit with young demos!

Term: 52 Weeks
Frequency 26 Originals/26 Repeats
Barter Split: 3.5/3.5 (50%/50%)
Window: ROS
Double Run requested

Goomby One Sheet (PDF)


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